How to alkalise your body

Is your body acidic?

If your diet is high in alcohol, caffeine, meat, sugary foods, processed foods, dairy products and/or nicotine (all highly acid-forming), chances are your body will be acidic.

Some signs of over-acidity include irritability, sensitivity, fatigue, joint aches and pains (inflammation), headaches, trouble sleeping and indigestion.

These symptoms are also often accompanied by cravings (brought on by nutrient deficiencies), digestive system problems, hair loss, skin outbreaks, body odour, bad breath, fungal or yeast infections and liver spots – all potential signs of contamination, high acidity and toxin build-up.

It is therefore fair to say that high acidity impacts both health and beauty.

How your health is affected

A chronically acidic blood pH can adversely affect your health, as it is associated with being more prone to illnesses. Harmful amounts of acids and toxins can accumulate in our bodies as a result of modern living and eating habits, including everything from drinking, smoking and lack of exercise, to a high intake of processed and concentrated foods packed with harmful chemicals and other ‘nasties’.

The result, over time, can be:

  • structural damage (including cell deterioration and inflammation)
  • accumulation of impurities and a high toxic load (including strain on the detoxification organs and systems of the body, such as the liver)
  • skin problems (including body odour, sweating and acne)
  • and yeast and fungal overgrowth (fungi and yeasts are sometimes referrred to as “acid and toxin eaters”).

Staying healthy

A slightly alkaline blood pH has become the benchmark for health and vitality. As seen above, a wide range of factors affect the acid / alkaline balance of the body, but diet is the primary factor.

When foods are metabolised, acids are produced – chlorine, phosphorus, sulphur and nitrogen. These then need to be neutralised by the alkaline mineral salts – calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Our intake of these alkalising salts through our diet therefore has a direct impact on the acid / alkaline balance in the body.

The 3 most important “rules” to follow if you are hoping to alkalise your body are:

1. Avoid unhealthy things.
2. Eat, drink and do beneficial things.
3. Eliminate harmful things.

Alkalising foods   

Low levels of acids can be enjoyed if they are balanced out with a greater intake of alkalising foods. In other words, moderation is key.

Eat a diet that is high in fresh fruit, vegetables and pulses to balance out every acidic pleasure with alkaline-generating foods.

It is essential to provide your body with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural enzymes, healthy fats and other essential nutrients on a daily basis to support an alkaline blood pH. As a broad rule of thumb, your diet should comprise 80% alkalising foods / drinks, versus 20% acid-forming foods / drinks.

While this can be partially achieved through a well-balanced diet, that is unfortunately not the whole story.

Dietary supplementation

We are led to believe that, as long as we eat a balanced diet, we will get all of the nutrients we need. Unfortunately, research shows that this is simply not the case and that even those who are health-conscious fail to get anything like the ideal intake of vitamins, minerals, essential fats and complex carbohydrates. Why?

Modern living has a lot to answer for:

  • Food production is linked to profit, which has led to an increase in the manufacture of ’empty’ foods that are made to last, but are nutrient-poor.
  • The food industry has conditioned Western palates to enjoy high fat, high sugar and highly salted foods.
  • Artificial food colourings and flavourings are used to attract consumers’ attention and satisfy their palates.
  • As our lives speed up, there is less time to prepare fresh meals and so we become ever more reliant on convenience foods and ready-meals, packed with saturated fat and simple carbohydrates.
  • Modern farming techniques have led to a decrease in soil quality, which has had an impact on the nutritional value of fresh produce – opt for organic whenever you can.
  • The vast majority of the foods in our diet are stored, refrigerated and then cooked before eating, leading to a loss of essential nutrients and enzymes.

All of these factors make it important that you carefully supplement your diet to support optimum nutrient intake and regularly undertake full body cleanse and detox programmes.

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Fitness Supplement Store – Add Incredible Products That Supports Your Workout

Today many people concentrate on their fitness. Running, sports, gym and other fitness activities are carried out by people to make them fit. But do everyone get the required nutrition for the body to get the desired results? If you are enthusiastic about workouts, you must know whether you intake the proper amount of nutrition through food. Most of the time, you would have heard the word “protein” along with the exercise. Do you know why proteins are important? If not, then you can find all the answers to the questions here.

It is important to understand protein and other nutrients are important for those who wish to get the best result from the gym. Especially, protein is the main nutrient that every individual needs to maintain a healthy body since it helps in repairing any internal and external damages and contribute to the overall wellbeing. You can find a number of supplements in the fitness supplement store but you may not need everything at once. Choosing the right products from the gym supplement shop is important to get the desired results. At Alpha X, you can find the best and high-quality organic supplements which will look after your wellbeing.

Fitness supplement store – What you need to know about supplements?

It’s always worth understanding that the supplements are not steroid drugs. Supplements are generally a form of food that will not cause any harm to the body. In today’s world getting proper nutrition from food is not always possible. Hence, taking supplements is the best way to support your wellbeing and development. Additionally, these organic supplements available at the Alpha X, the Fitness Supplement Store will make you feel energetic and help in muscle repair post-workout.

If you are some who wish to take only organic supplements, then you can get the best supplements from our gym supplement shop. At Alpha X we only choose the organic raw materials which are certified for manufacturing the supplements. The special formulation in these organic supplements will ensure to help you in muscle repair, muscle development and provide energy to the body. In general, these supplements will take your physique to the next level.

You can use both pre and post-workout supplements to have a proper regime. In this way, you can ensure that you provide the necessary nutrition to the body for its development and wellbeing. Also, these supplements will improve your performance and have a huge impact on maintaining overall health. If you are concerned about taking the supplements, then it is always advised to conduct complete analysis so that you can choose the best products from the Gym Supplement Shop for you.

To get the desired results, you can use the products from Alpha X, the fitness supplement store and take proper rest so that you can achieve your fitness goal easily. Also, make sure to take the supplements at the right time to ensure that you get the best out of the workout and supplements.

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Sports Nutrition Supplements – Is It Useful Or Not?

Supplementing your daily fitness regime with suitable sports nutrition supplements like protein is always advised by many people. It is generally said that these supplements will boost performance, muscle development and so on. But many individuals get confused on whether they are the smart choice to get the required results or unnecessary. With the abundance of choice of fitness supplements shop in the market, you will feel confused on how to choose if you are going to buy one for you. If you are planning to properly perform a physical activity continuously, then you must match the demands of your body needs. This is where sports nutritional supplements take their role.

At the most basic level, nutrition is important for all the athletes and individuals who visit the gym regularly to provide the source of energy that is required for their activity. Even though the food we eat has some impact on the strength and recovery of the body, nutritional supplements are essential to fill the gap between the body needs and the amount of nutrition we intake daily. Since they have a great impact on the performance level and body ability to recover, choosing the right supplement is important.

What is the role of sports nutrition and why it is considered to be important?

In general, know that the meals or nutritional supplement which are taken before and after the exercise are the most important in sports nutrition. But you must be careful with everything that you do put into the body. Hence, as a general rule, you must eat carbohydrates two hours before exercising so that you can get the main source of energy that will help in improving your performance, aid in muscle growth and repair. But after exercising, you need to replace the carbohydrates with the protein in your meal. This will ensure that the muscle will recover and repair.

In this regimen, the proportions of the protein and carbohydrates are important. That is why fitness supplements shop have come up with many types of supplements which can be taken before and after a workout. They will provide the necessary energy for you for muscle growth and recovery. At Alpha X, we provide the best and high-quality products which are important for your well-being. We only use hand-picked premium products which have an organic range of ingredients.

Also, we prefer to use only suitable vegan raw materials so that they can be used by all vegetarians or vegans. At Alpha X, the best fitness supplements shop you can find all the sports nutritional supplements. In short, it is your one-stop solution to look after your wellbeing. We always ensure to manufacture the products which are of premium quality with the maximum active ingredients in it.

These supplements will also be suitable for everyone with different lifestyles. With no artificial flavouring, fillers, colours, additives or any other ingredients, our products are one of the best organic sports nutrition supplements which you can find in the market.

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Organic Nutrition Supplements – Improve Your Strength And Muscle Gains

One of the common questions in the life of the beginner to the health and fitness journey is, “Do I actually need to take supplements? And What supplements should I take?” No matter what your goal is, whether it be muscle gain, strength gain or weight loss, you can make excellent progress if you stick with the proper nutrition plan and well-structured exercise program. The role of the nutrition supplements is exactly what the word suggests. It will supplement your nutrition plan. Supplements are the key products that will help you get an extra edge in your fitness plan. The use of supplements will help you get extra results depending upon your body response to them.

Another question one may have is, “Are supplements safe to take?” The answer is, it is pretty safe. That means there will be no adverse effects. These nutritional supplements will not only help with the results but will also aid in your overall health if you use them regularly. If deciding the supplements is difficult for you, take a look at the effective supplements at Alpha X. Here we offer high-quality products which will provide the best results for you and look after your well-being.

4 reasons to take nutrition supplements for fitness:

  1. Boost muscle endurance – Taking nutrition supplements will increase the ability of your muscle groups to withstand the repeated contractions. During your exercise, your muscle will contract in a similar pattern multiple times. Thus, you are using muscle endurance here. Choosing the right supplements help in improving the muscle endurance and make it easier to complete the exercise program.
  2. Increase muscle building – Exercise training will generally break down your muscles, hence the use of nutritional supplements is important. This is where protein supplements play their part. Using the nutritional supplement regularly will provide the body with a good amount of protein to build new muscles and reach the goal.
  3. Accelerate muscle strength – Pre workout supplements with high content of carbohydrates and an adequate amount of protein, helps in improving muscle strength and increase the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production in the muscle cells. This will provide the required energy for the muscle and other tissues. Thus, you can improve the performance in the exercise training.
  4. Maximize training capacity – With the energy provided by the supplements, you can increase your performance during the training. With the maximum training capacity, you will be able to reach your goals easily. But make sure to take the right amount of supplements regularly to get the desired results.

The other advantages of taking nutrition supplements includes ensured recommended daily allowance (RDA), improved blood circulation, to name some, which are vital during the training program. Every individual has different goals when it comes to fitness. Hence, here at Alpha X, we have formulated our products by keeping your health and fitness journey in mind. Whatever goal you have from general detox to maintain weight,  at Alpha X we have a wide range of products based on your goal. The premium quality raw materials used in our products will make you active and help in getting better results.

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Fitness Supplements Shop

Fitness Supplements Shop – Get The Best Supplements

Supplements are becoming extremely popular nowadays. They play a major role in the daily diets of many people. They are usually designed to provide a healthy balanced diet to provide sufficient energy for an individual. Sports and fitness supplements work the same as other supplements and provide the necessary macronutrients to provide balance and energy to those who do regular exercise. Diet and nutrition play an important role when it comes to attain your fitness goal. Nutritional supplements will contribute a lot to achieving your fitness goals.

Let it be post-workout or pre-workout supplements, make sure to use the right product to achieve more from every workout session. At Alpha X –the best fitness supplements shop, you can find many organic supplements which will provide the right amount of nutrition to your body. The supplements will help in improving your performance during the session and improve your well-being. Whether you are looking for pre or post-workout nutritional supplements, you can get them at Alpha X at high quality and affordable price so that you can get the best results from the training program.

Why do you need nutritional supplements?

The supplements you buy from the fitness supplements shop are used for optimizing your body and mind so that you can maximize performance and get the best results from the session. These supplements will also help in building your muscle so that you can get your required shape. But it is important to understand that not all the supplements are same. Hence, be wiser at your choice and make sure to choose the right supplements based on your need. The different ingredients in the supplements will intend with different effects. You can choose them based on your fitness goal.

If you know which supplement to take, how much to take and when to take, then you are on the right fitness track. When you start your fitness program, you may spend a lot of time in the gym to perfect your shape. But to improve the results obtained, taking the supplements is important. The supplements will maximize muscle gain, improve muscle strength, accelerate muscle recovery, minimize muscle soreness and provide the necessary energy to improve your performance. Taking the supplements regularly is important to keep developing the muscles.

If you are new, then you would be worried about choosing the right pre and post-workout supplements and how to track when to take them. The pre-workout supplements are used to provide the right amount of fuel to keep you going to the gym. Therefore, to eliminate soreness and speed the recovery process, taking the pre-workout supplements 30 minutes before starting your session is essential. After you have finished the session, it is time for re-fuelling. Post-workout supplements may decrease muscle soreness, support muscle growth, and speed up recovery. You can take it within an hour of post-workout.

Hence, get your supplements from Alpha X– the fitness supplements shop to get the right support for your workout and to reach your goal.

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